Rooney solved his problem with drinking to alleviate the pain in his heart

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Former Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has revealed that he has solved his problem with drinking to alleviate the pain in his heart.

         The Derby boss has been hailed as one of the best strikers in the world after scoring the all-time top scorer for both the Red Devils and the England national ufabet team.

         However, he revealed that he was too shy to share his problems with his teammates. Finally turned to alcohol by revealing that he had suffering inside throughout his career.

         “Throughout my football career I have to suffer inside I found a way to deal with it. A lot of times it ends in booze,” Rooney said.

         “When I feel stuck I can’t go to practice and say I’m struggling mentally or struggling to manage these things on my own. I can’t just walk up to Roy Keane or Ryan Giggs and tell them, ‘Listen, I’m struggling here.'”

         “That wasn’t what you did back then. While now it’s a lot easier to do something good because people are aware of mental health issues and talk about it and try to deal with it ASAP. Especially for young people who are struggling with that.”

         “It’s all combined. Sometimes the form of play sometimes off the field Sometimes the problems that I might have with the club, everything.”

         “The best way to deal with it – which is the wrong way – is then, you just try to deal with it. If I have 2 days to rest, I will go to my house. my own house and drank it both days.”