Ex-footballer suggests selling Maguire for a hit

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Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker believes the former club should sell Harry Maguire if they get a satisfactory price.

         The England national ufabet team moved to the football in the old place. Trafford in 2019 for £80 million is the most expensive defender in history. But the latter was heavily criticized for the performance, which Parker views the “Red Devils” should sell Maguire out of the team if the price is right.

         “In my opinion, if Manchester United get good numbers to release Harry Maguire, I think they should think about it,” Parker told the Daily Express.

         “I think with Lindelof and Varane, they can both build something there. in the form of what they are looking for and where the club needs it.”

         “You’re talking about a player who is more agile. a little faster A better defender in a one-on-one situation and I think you have to look at it that way.

         “I don’t know if it will happen or not. personally for me For United to move forward That’s where they have to start.”

         “But with the same situation again – you don’t want a manager to come in and all of a sudden, he comes in, he wants to do that and then stop. The ones above stopped him doing what he wanted and United got back into the loop.”